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4K Rock 'n Roll/Folk Music Videos

 Film samples of rock 'n roll/folk music videos shot by Xen Ovid-Sophron-Naso.

The Videographer / 

Xen Ovid-Sophron-Naso

 x-osn - Self-Portraitx-osn - Self-Portrait

Xen Ovid-Sophron-Naso is an established freelance videographer.

Over ten years video experience shooting personalized videos & have worked for over a year, shooting music videos and various "How to" assignments.

My intimate knowledge of lighting and composition, as well as his cutting-edge post-production techniques, allow me to capture the essence of the video recordings.

My video recordings often appear on online commercial sites, although you can also order a professional session for yourself or any special event.

I'm very flexible, and always responds to clients’ wishes and meets their requirements, always with exquisite artistry.

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